Beginning in Luke 13:22, Jesus speaks of entering the Kingdom of Heaven saying all who have done many things in His name will not be found worthy to enter. So having an intimate relationship with Him is key. We get to know Him therefore He will say “come on into the feast, my good and faithful servent!”

There was a time that I thought just going to church made me worthy. WRONG! Going to church should be a day we set aside to go and give God praise and show honor to Him in our worship and fellowship.

Knowing Him is the key. He gave us the scriptures for in them He shows us the Way to salvation by letting us in on His character and HIS desires for us. He also gives us His messengers that He speaks through like Pastors and other leaders. Sometimes I noticed that when the Pastor preaches, it’s like God is speaking through Him thus answering my prayer.

How many ways do you find getting closer to God?